Shipments outside of the continental US

We offer substantial saving on our products even when shipped outside of the US. Shipments outside of the continental US are figured on an individual basis when the order or quote is submitted to maximize the saving to the customer and to accurately access exchange rates and other variable factors. Shipments to Hawaii can be arranged via ocean freight at a substantial saving over air freight. You may acquire a quote including shipping by the following method.


Work up the order through the cart. All pricing is in US dollars. You may [1] Place the order or [2] Copy and paste the proposed order in an email to  and include the zip code to shipping location, your phone number or email address. Save the cart for future access. With either method we will contact you with the total cost for the product + shipping by email or phone before the order is finalized. Customs, fees and taxes will not be included in cost and will be the responsibility of the buyer to obtain estimate and pay these fees. 


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